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Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. I can assist you in determining what you're comfortable with for what you want to accomplish. Whether it involves protecting your family, your assets, or your retirement goals there is no better financial vehicle.

The decision to acquire additional life insurance can represent one of several significant phases in your over planning.

An important part of the decision involves the comparison of the life insurance policy to alternative investment possibilities.

The following are some major features of a life insurance policy for you to consider as part of your overall assessment:

  1. Accumulating cash values;
  2. Income tax favored growth of cash values;
  3. Competitive current rate of return;
  4. Lifelong income options;
  5. Tax free access to cash values through policy loans;
  6. Income tax free death benefits for beneficiaries;
  7. Self-completing when waiver of premium is added;
  8. Can take care of your family or business if you die too soon;
  9. Many plans provide catastrophic illness benefits;
  10. And, many plans provide a terminal illness benefit as well.