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how much will it cost!

For some nearing retirement there is something more terrifying than having adult children move back home. It's the thought of what future health-care costs might be. I read a recent survey by Harris Interactive stating that 61% of retirees are terrified of the havoc that health-related expenses could wreak on their retirement plans.


Deciding on the right path will be your decision. I just provide you with the steps!!

When it comes to planning for retirement, identifying your expenses, goals and priorities for the future can often be overwhelming. The Smart and Ready approach makes it simple.

SMART means ensuring the income you need is guaranteed for as long as you live.

And, READY means having the built-in flexibility to meet whatever tomorrow brings.

With this system we can:

Identify your objectives and concerns about retirement planning and pinpoint your financial goals.

Plan for two different income streams - your Required Income, what you need (paycheck) and your Lifestyle Income, what you want, (play check).